"Wirtschafts- und Steuerstrafrecht"

Edited by Prof Dr Werner Leitner and Prof Dr Henning Rosenau, Nomos Verlag, 2016. To be published.

Annotation by Reinhart Michalke on a judgment by the Federal Court of Justice

Presumption of innocence and the reasons given by a trial court in its judgment acquitting an accused. Reinhart Michalke appreciates the decision. Published in the weekly NJW 2016, 728.


Hamburg Conference on procedural prerequisites and the ban of inadmissible evidence

The annual meeting Herbstkolloquium of the Criminal Law Working Group will take place in Hamburg on November, 11th and 12th 2016.

Prof Dr Werner Leitner, who is also Chairman of the Executive Committee, will hold his welcome address to the meeting on November 11th. Read more at Arbeitsgemeinschaft Strafrecht.