Wer uns empfiehlt

We frequently act on behalf of well-known law firms and tax consulting and auditing companies, including prestigious national and international firms. The greatest recognition for our work comes in the form of personal recommendations from our clients.

We always bear in mind existing client relationship structures and cooperate successfully and professionally with other advisers, at all times in the interests of the client.

JUVE, the leading market observer for corporate law firms in Germany, regularly praises the work of Werner Leitner. In 2004 our firm received special recognition in the form of the award Law Firm of the Year – Corporate Criminal Law.

For many years now, competitors and clients have characterized Prof Dr Leitner in JUVE as “highly competent, extremely professional and very discreet”, among other accolades. 

Prof Dr Werner Leitner “is considered a colleague who is very pleasant to work with”.

JUVE currently lists him “among the highly respected corporate defence lawyers in Munich”.

On the basis of the criteria of “proven success, experience, team strength and specialization”, in 2011 WirtschaftsWoche magazine selected Prof Dr Werner Leitner as one of the top 25 German lawyers in the field of corporate criminal law.

Also Handelsblatt in cooperation with Best Lawyers awarded Werner Leitner in 2016 again.

CHAMBERS AND PARTNERS about Werner Leitner: He's smart but calm, doesn't try to overdo things or turn them into PR for himself, but acts discreetly and clients appreciate that a lot.” Another interviewee says: "He is reliable and trustworthy; whenever he's at the prosecutor's office people know this is a defence lawyer to rely on.”