Business life in general, and entrepreneurial activity in particular, increasingly entails risks under criminal law. In recent years the public perception of corporate criminal law has undergone something of a transformation – not least due to media coverage, and not infrequently at the expense of the involved parties.

We have specialized in criminal law since 1993 and thus reacted to this new trend early on. We now successfully combine our criminal-law expertise with a high level of competence in corporate law and are one of the few firms exclusively practising in the field of corporate criminal law and criminal law relating to tax offences.

We advise, represent and defend companies and individuals exclusively in this field of law. It is here that we develop tailored and success-oriented solutions for our clients.

We know from experience that besides first-rate legal skills a rapid response, personal contact and a network of highly qualified experts are critical factors in the area of corporate criminal law. It is for these reasons that our firm is a small and highly specialized unit. This enables us to identify the key issues early on, and to open doors and to resolve problems as discreetly as possible.

Thanks to our experience of many years, we are able to defend individuals in criminal cases while no less reliably safeguarding the rights of the companies involved. This includes the areas of compliance and internal investigations which are currently very much in the spotlight.

Criminal law advice and defence in relation to tax offences is another key area of our practice, particularly concerning voluntary self-disclosure to the tax office to avoid penalties and subsequent declarations of German and foreign income.